Where I’m From

I am from far below the mason Dixon

Some people call it a hick Town.

Where the trucks are always big and the tractors are always green

Cotton grows tall and kids play on tire swings

I’m from the Paw-paw’s old green truck and Maw – Maw’s pecan pies

from the smell of fresh cut grass and chasing fireflies.

I’m from little dirt roads and big red barns

From the best tomatoes in three counties and soybean farms.

I’m from “A great little place to come home to.”

and skies the clearest of blue.

I’m from where the people are real and never pretending

Where there is always hopes and dreams of happy endings.

I’m from “War Eagle” and “Roll Tide”

From values and hard work and unyielding pride.

I’m from rooster’s crowing at the wrong time of day

and children who are told to go outside to play

I’m from “Amazing Grace” and “Stand by your Man”

From respect your Mama and do the best you can.

I’m from a town where gossip moves faster than cars

and every night you can see millions of  stars.

I’m from making mud pies and dancing in the rain

but most of all knowing i’ll be welcome when I come back home again.

Master narratives embody our expectations of how things work. This may include our attitude about a person, a place, or an emotion. The master narrative surrounding where I’m from is that everyone is a bunch of country bumpkins that do nothing but drive big trucks and plow fields. While that’s pretty much accurate, there is way more to it than that. Where I’m from is one of the most beautiful places in the south; when the cotton fields are blooming especially. Where I’m from is that you can ALWAYS see the stars, which is in great contrast to where I live now. Where I’m from people gossip about everything and everyone, but really and truly everyone is friendly and hospitable. I learned many important values while living in my tiny hometown. I learned to work hard, to play hard, and to always be proud of you accomplishments, I learned to regret nothing, and to always say yes mam and no sir. These are things I remember most about where I grew up and while the master narrative of my town may be true,  I believe the counter narrative about how beautiful everything is, the values that I have learned, and how friendly the people are, is much more important.


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