Affintiy Space – UGA Bulldogs

An affinity space is a space shared by any number of people for a mutal passion. My affinity spae was UGA football. I have always disliked UGA as an SEC team, but after going to the game, I now understnad why their fans are unlike any other. The passion of those some 90,000 people pulled me in and made me feel welcome. The link to the video is above. I am very pleased with how it turned out. (TURN UP YOUR VOLUME! IT’S NO FUN IF YOU DON’T!)

All of the photos and video clips you see in the video were either taken by me, or used with permission by, a website which capitolizes on crazy UGA fans and the extremes they go to on game day. I was also able to pull some game clips from the UGA game vault and recorded some off of my television during a recent game.

Enjoy my video and I hope you leearn a little more about UGA football, and more impotantly Affinity Spaces.


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