Letters in your surroundings

I made this for my DS106 assignment B. I actually had a lot of fun with this one. The assignment said “Create your name from objects in your environment. Use either Creative Commons images, ones of your own, or a combination of both to find the letters of your name hidden in your surroundings. Edit the photos to work together and arrange them together as a single image. Have fun and enjoy searching for creative expressions of “your” letters!” So that’s what I did.

Without realizing it…I apparently chose a theme for my photos because they all ended up being elemnets in nature or some form of an element of nature. All of the photos were taken by me in areas that I have recently visited. The first photo is of this really cool tree in the park close to my house. it’s broken in just thge right way to be a K. =). Photo 2 was taken in Helen, Ga at Anna Ruby Falls. The sticks that had fallen made a perfect capitol A shape. The third picture was taken in Washington D.C. it was along a path walking to the Washington Monument. I thought it looked kinda like a Y. Ok, the L picture I struggled with. You wouldn’t think that L would be so hard to find. Anywho…while at Hobby Lobby the other say, i found these really cool calla alillies. So i thought that they would work well as my L. Finally the last A is…well I honestly don’t really know what it is, but I thought it was cool. I took this picture in Buckhead when we were on our way to Atlantic Station.

I like the way it turned out. I may actually frame this one.

Below is the link to the assignment. It’s worth checking out because some of the others are pretty amazing.



3 thoughts on “Letters in your surroundings

  1. I love this because all the pictures actually mean something to do..to some degree. There are memories attached to the pictures which makes for a better story AND sign :] I love this!

  2. Great job Kayla!! I didn’t come across this assignment on the ds106 website, so I’m really glad I saw that you did it. I’ve already done my 3 assignments, but I might do this one for fun because it looks like it would be really cool to do. I love your letter “K”; how perfect is that tree! When you said that you inadvertently ended up with the theme of nature it made me think about transcendentalism and everything coming down to a connection with the natural world. It’s also amazing that you took the photos yourself. When I first saw it, I just assumed you found images that looked liked letters and put them together. I can tell you really thought it out and put time into this assignment and it came out really great; definitely frame it!! 🙂 And yeah, who would think “L” would be the most difficult letter haha

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