Affintiy Space – UGA Bulldogs

An affinity space is a space shared by any number of people for a mutal passion. My affinity spae was UGA football. I have always disliked UGA as an SEC team, but after going to the game, I now understnad why their fans are unlike any other. The passion of those some 90,000 people pulled me in and made me feel welcome. The link to the video is above. I am very pleased with how it turned out. (TURN UP YOUR VOLUME! IT’S NO FUN IF YOU DON’T!)

All of the photos and video clips you see in the video were either taken by me, or used with permission by, a website which capitolizes on crazy UGA fans and the extremes they go to on game day. I was also able to pull some game clips from the UGA game vault and recorded some off of my television during a recent game.

Enjoy my video and I hope you leearn a little more about UGA football, and more impotantly Affinity Spaces.


Letters in your surroundings

I made this for my DS106 assignment B. I actually had a lot of fun with this one. The assignment said “Create your name from objects in your environment. Use either Creative Commons images, ones of your own, or a combination of both to find the letters of your name hidden in your surroundings. Edit the photos to work together and arrange them together as a single image. Have fun and enjoy searching for creative expressions of “your” letters!” So that’s what I did.

Without realizing it…I apparently chose a theme for my photos because they all ended up being elemnets in nature or some form of an element of nature. All of the photos were taken by me in areas that I have recently visited. The first photo is of this really cool tree in the park close to my house. it’s broken in just thge right way to be a K. =). Photo 2 was taken in Helen, Ga at Anna Ruby Falls. The sticks that had fallen made a perfect capitol A shape. The third picture was taken in Washington D.C. it was along a path walking to the Washington Monument. I thought it looked kinda like a Y. Ok, the L picture I struggled with. You wouldn’t think that L would be so hard to find. Anywho…while at Hobby Lobby the other say, i found these really cool calla alillies. So i thought that they would work well as my L. Finally the last A is…well I honestly don’t really know what it is, but I thought it was cool. I took this picture in Buckhead when we were on our way to Atlantic Station.

I like the way it turned out. I may actually frame this one.

Below is the link to the assignment. It’s worth checking out because some of the others are pretty amazing.


In Rheingold’s Net Smart we read about collaboration and how participatory culture affects our world. Rheingold talks about the coming world of collaboration, participatory media and collective action — and how Wikipedia is really an outgrowth of our natural human instinct to work as a group.With this I think about group projects…Are they neccessary? Are they useful? Group projects in the high schol and college classroom are almost unavoidable. Working in a group has its joys and woes and when executed correctlly, can be benificial to students.

The question often arises: how do I grade group work fairly? In the high school classroom, students are very willing to tell on each other when they feel they have been treated unfairly. With this in mind, I feel that the best way to grade group projects is to have the students fill out a form of accountability. On this form, they must grade themselves and then list what they feel each member of their group contributed to the project or paper.

In my teaching literature to adolescents class, I created a lesson plan which required my students to work in a group for 6 weeks, the length of one unit. During this, the students were divded in half, (lucky for me, I was working with Romeo and JUliet, so I was able to divide them into the montegues and capulets) each thing the students did each them SHAKS POINTS which applied to their final exam. The students earned points through good behavior, quiz grades, activities, and outstanding tasks. This type of group work forced the students to be accountable for their actions and hold their classmates acccountable as welll. This type of collaboration offered a fun way to learn the play, while instilling responsibility within the students.

Collaboration in ENGL 3241 is difficult because everyone’s creative space is different. However, meshing all of those creative juices can create some really cool products. Our class “we are” poem, is a perfect example of that. We combined all of our ideas into one space creating a fun, free environment for us to play and interact. Our “we are” poem is an excellent example of positive collaboration and how it can produce a beatiful project.