My DS106 choice assignment was to create a collogue on a sillouette of my head representing the things that went around in my head every day. This is what i came up with. All photos used with permission by creative commons. The background is made up of a montage of Harry Potter photos. I chose this because Harry Potter author, J.K. Rowling inspired me become an English major. Coming up from the bottom, the foreground images are all things that I work with daily. On my ponytail, I included the image of the International Gold Key society. The GK society is an international honor society which I am involved in and I am starting to become a more prominent member of. The next 2 things (although I am not exactly happy with how they look on the collogue) are pretty important to me. I put a wedding dress first because I am continuously planning my (hopefully soon to come) wedding. Above that I placed the biggest loser logo. While, this may seem like a strange, this becomes my inspiration as I struggle with my goal to get healthy again. Moving up the ladder, I put an image of the SMURFS. This kind of became an inside joke between my friends and myself. They call me a surf because I am so short….very funny I know. Also I placed this because I have a rally cool collection of both vintage and new smurf toys.  Above that I placed a bold, brightly colored word to catch attention: LOVE. Love is the basis of all and makes everything worth while. I had to put the Home Depot logo on here because I work here so much of my attention is focused on my job. Finally, on the top of the collogue, I place a graduation cap and a diploma. This is on the top because at this point in my life it is the most important thing to me. I cannot wait to graduate and see the benefits of all of the hard work I have asserted over the last few years.

I was able to compile the collogue using Photoshop. I used different textures and opacities in order to get the desired effects. I am trying to retweak the lower half of the collogue. I feel like the lower half of the picture is just kind of there. It doesn’t flow in with the other images as much as I was hoping. Obviously, I have hundreds of things that go through my head everyday, it was very hard for me to pin point exactly what I wanted to include in it.


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    • I used photoshop. I work with photoshop a lot, I used to be much better but the recent update changed where everything is, so I’m still learning my way around the new layout again. =) Any suggestions on PC tutorials for photoshop 11?

  1. I wish you had linked to some of the things, like the assignment or the images you used. I love the collage though; it’s weird how many thoughts can go through our head in a day…I’m not even sure if I could think of all of them. Did you overlay some of them translucent? I like that effect.

    • I combined a lot of different effects. So honestly I don’t really remember. :0 I put the tags to the assignment at the bottom, but it never crossed my mind to link the photos. Maybe I will go back and do that. 🙂

  2. I think you did a really good job on this assignment. I am not a photoshop Wiz at all so I would love to know how you were able to do this. I love that it tells a lot about you just in that one little space. Oh and I am continously planning my wedding as well even though it’s never going to be any time soon (I LOVE PINTEREST)! Again great job and I am really impressed with how you were able to place so many images in there without it seeming overcrowded.

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